Legals Only – Cheap Wedding Ceremony

If you’re looking for a cheap alternative to get hitched quick or just a cheap wedding ceremony I can help you out with my Basic Wedding Ceremony package. This legals only wedding ceremony is for a couple, two witnesses and a small number of guests at the venue, date and time of your choosing.

My Basic Ceremony Package includes one meeting to sign the Notice of Intended Marriage at least one month before your wedding date and then the solemnisation of your wedding at your preferred venue which could be at your home, a park or even a restaurant.

The cost for this package is $450. Additional costs may be incurred if the ceremony is on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday during peak wedding season, on a public holiday and/or if the wedding venue is over 20kms from Coburg.

For an extra $100 I can request your official Certificate of Marriage from Births, Deaths and Marriages on your behalf.

Need a Fiancé letter?

If your partner lives overseas and is waiting on an immigration visa you can still plan your wedding by having the person in Australia sign and lodge the Notice of Intended Marriage with a celebrant. As the celebrant I can then provide a letter to the Australian embassy of the country where the overseas person resides which states I have accepted to solemnise the marriage between the couple and I have lodged the NOIM.

The cost for a fiancé letter is $150.

Contact me at or 0404024367, I’d love to hear from you.