Naming Day & others

I also conduct other ceremonies such as Namings, Commitments, Renewal of Vows and other Special Occasions.


If you don’t want a religious christening for your child but you would like to mark the special occasion of their arrival into your family a Naming ceremony is for you. Together we will create a memorable celebration for the newest member of your family. In the presence of those who matter, let me impart the sentiments of the day for your child’s naming. A Name Giving Certificate will be signed by the people you have nominated to play an ongoing role in the life of your child and will be presented on the day along with certificates for those important people. The cost is $500.

Matilda's Naming Day

Matilda’s Naming Day


Commitment Ceremonies are a perfect way for couples who are not wishing to legally marry, or cannot legally marry, but still wish to publicly declare their love for each other. Commitment ceremonies are a great way for couples to celebrate their relationship and love with their families and friends. A Commitment Ceremony can be personally tailored to suit your style so whether you are looking for something grand, bold and extravagant or something intimate, romantic and small I can help you create whatever ceremony you want. The cost is $600.

Vow Renewals

How about a Renewal of Vows? It might be to rekindle the old flame or to have a great party but renewing your love for each other can be as rewarding as getting married all over again. I can help you design a ceremony that befits your relationship and help you celebrate your love with family and friends. The cost is $600.

Special Occasions

I can also provide services for other special occasions such as house warmings, graduations, twenty-firsts, fiftieths, even one hundredths! I can be available for just about any reason to celebrate and help you commemorate your special occasion.

Contact me at or 0404024367, I’d love to hear from you.